Conveyor team photo
Conveyor Montreal onsite, 2023

đź‘‹ Hello!

Our name is Conveyor and we like security reviews, so our customers don’t have to.

We weren’t always called Conveyor though, and we didn’t always like security reviews (shhh). For the first few years of our life, we existed as a product of Aptible, which is a PaaS company working to automate compliance. Working with customers in regulated industries (healthcare, finance, etc.) we saw that what really made them lose their minds was receiving 300-question Excels that asked them how they secured their mainframes, amongst other atrocities.

So in July of 2021, a subset of us left home, took all our parents’ cutlery, and set off to make security reviews instant, frictionless, accurate, and… maybe even fun.

The first few months were pretty rough. Since we had a leaner team, and an even leaner cash flow, we had to figure out what was truly important to us, and cut everything else. We timed the global economic downturn very well and burned almost all our remaining cash by the end of 2022.

That’s when we had our infamous fish-on-the-table meeting.

A wooden table on a sandy beach with a beautiful sunset behind it. On the table is a stinky dead fish. Digital art.
DALL-E Prompt: A wooden table on a sandy beach with a beautiful sunset behind it. On the table is a stinky dead fish. Digital art.

This was a metaphor for laying out all our stinky, dirty realities in a manner that could not be ignored. We were going to die1 unless we rebuilt ourselves around our customers’ greatest pains, in a manner that was a magnitude better than anything in the market at the time.

Termed the December to Remember Forget, everyone canceled their Christmas vacations and worked to build what became the world’s first GPT-powered questionnaire eliminator by February, 2023.

The market responded by showering us with love and we were able to extend our runway and raise a $12.5M Series A in October, 2023.

If we sound like that person on the flight who’s sharing too much about their life with you after you just said, “Hi”, you’re right. We tell our story (i.e. this handbook) to anyone who will listen so that we can:

If you’re intrigued, read on! Otherwise, sorry, put on headphones or something while we continue to rant.2, 3

1 As a company
2 P.S. This is who we are as of right now; as we grow and mature, this handbook will grow and mature too
3 P.P.S. Our sense of humor may or may not grow and mature correspondingly